Why me?

Sally provides a wide range of content-related services

Chairing panels and events

A good chair or host can bring an event to life. Sally enjoys hosting panel discussions and conference sessions, aiming to get the best out of speakers and engage the audience.

Content strategy

With her breadth of experience, Sally has the expertise to help you develop an effective content strategy for your organisation. She can help you explore what works, what doesn’t, and how you can make your content deliver stronger results next time round.


Clean, elegant and succinct copywriting – delivered on time and to budget. Sally has experience of writing articles, blogs, case studies, white papers, video scripts and content for websites. Where relevant, she applies SEO techniques. She enjoys working with her clients to produce outstanding communications that deliver great results.


Good editing can breathe life into even the most awkward prose. As a highly experienced editor, Sally knows how to make words shine. She is available to edit on an ad hoc basis and as a regular editor of newsletters, magazines and other publications.


Executives and business leaders rarely have the time to write a book – or even a by-lined article or blog. Sally is a highly practised ghostwriter, whose ghostwritten work has appeared in publications such as Harvard Business Review, Business Insider and CityAM.


Experts might have a wealth of knowledge inside their head, but they can find it difficult to articulate their views. As a professional interviewer, Sally can help subject matter experts to record and share their knowledge.


A fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference when it comes to spotting mistakes and typos. Sally has excellent command of punctuation and grammar, as well as strong attention to detail. She can help to ensure that your written content reads as well as possible.

Public speaking

As the author of several books, Sally is available to speak on those books, sharing some of the important lessons she’s learned from her research in an informative and engaging way. She can speak in person or via webcasts.


Speeches are arguably the most powerful form of communication, so it’s vital to get them right. Sally can craft a compelling speech that grabs the attention of the room. A specialist in point-of-view content, she aims to authentically capture a leader’s tone of voice.