Route to the top

Published in The Treasurer

What does it take to reach the giddy heights of group treasurer? Sally Percy investigates 

At some point in their career, most people who work in treasury are likely to have weighed up their chances of becoming group treasurer.

Often it’s an ambition that junior entrants to the profession have at the outset. But other treasurers may be drawn to it later, perhaps because they’ve had an epiphany that, despite the other options open to them, treasury is what suits them best.

The first thing to point out is that the role of group treasurer is extremely broad. Some treasurers, who work in smaller organisations, will effectively already be their own organisation’s ‘group treasurer’ because they are the only person doing treasury tasks there. Others may work for a company that has a treasury team numbering 20 or 30 people, and where the group treasurer is regarded as a senior member of the management team.

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