My top 10 accountancy tweeters

Sometimes it’s hard to know the rabble from the royalty on Twitter so I thought I’d share with you my top 10 accountancy-related picks.

1.         @Going_concern

Describes itself as an ‘online tabloid for accounting and finance professionals’. I know it’s unpatriotic of me because this Twitter feed is American and I’m not, but it has some of the funniest accountancy-related tweets that I’ve come across. As we know, humour and accountancy are not necessarily two things that go together so it’s important to make the most of it.

2.         @Bookmarklee

Why should you follow Mark Lee? Well, to be honest, because everyone else does. He’s probably the most socially networked accountant in the UK, with over 3,700 followers on Twitter (hey, if you’re an accountant, that’s impressive) and more than 1,800 connections on LinkedIn. He’s also probably this country’s leading authority on social networking for accountants.

3.         @MorningAccount

Who’s first with the top accountancy and finance news stories each day? Often it’s MorningAccount. This is definitely a feed to sign up to if you want to stay on top of the headlines.

4.         @F_Lagerberg

Francesca Lagerberg, head of tax at Grant Thornton, is one of the UK’s leading tax authorities who happens to be very well networked, especially within HM Revenue & Customs. She is also gracious enough to share her Twitter profile picture with a dolphin.

5.         @Richardjmurphy

Richard Murphy must be HM Revenue & Customs’ favourite accountant (if it is indeed possible to be such a thing). For the past few years he has launched a one-accountant crusade to try to force all the filthy-rich individuals and companies in this country to cough up more tax. Whether you support his views, or loathe them, his is still a feed worth following.

6.         @Mr_numbers

Andy Sawers was editor of Financial Director magazine in its glory days so he knows a thing or two about the finance profession. His tweets are often very dry and very funny.

7.         @VatDaddy

What can I say? The Twitter handle says it all. A voice of authority on indirect taxation matters, Graham Elliott of Haysmacintyre knows everything there is to know about VAT and plenty more besides. Don’t you dare yawn. You’ll thank me for telling you about his feed one day.

8.         @Goonerreed

Already a legend in accountancy journalism circles, Kevin Reed is the editor of Accountancy Age – still in many people’s eyes the bible of the accountancy profession (she says this through gritted teeth). He tweets about accountancy – and Arsenal. So if you like both those things, he’s the tweeter for you.

9.         @Cheapaccounting

Of course no top 10 accountancy tweeters list would be complete without a mention of Elaine Clark. Elaine is a one-woman tweeting machine who confessed that she’d rather give up wine than tweeting for Lent. The only question is, with more than 26,000 (count ‘em) tweets to her name, when on earth does she find the time to get any work done? (Answer in 140 characters please, Elaine.)

10.      @HeatherTowns

Heather Townsend is a recent find of mine but I’m already addicted to her tweets. Author of The FT Guide to Business Networking, she dispenses lots of very sensible social networking advice for accountants and lawyers.

Then, of course, don’t forget to follow: @SallyPercy

OK. So that’s me. And it’s blatant self-promotion on my part. But hey, at least I had the decency not to put myself on the list.

Is there anyone I’ve left off who you think I should include in my top ten? Please do let me know.


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