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Published in The Treasurer

Group treasurer Sarah-Jane Chilver-Stainer plays a starring role in GSK’s bond and share buyback programmes

The mundane surroundings of Brentford, west London, aren’t necessarily where you’d expect to find one of the queens of treasury. But it is right here, at GSK House, a vast glass tower that accommodates around 4,000 workers and looms majestically above the A4, that Sarah-Jane Chilver-Stainer reigns at the top of GlaxoSmithKline’s treasury team.

Chilver-Stainer has been group treasurer of the UK’s largest drug maker since 2001, a role she combines with various other responsibilities at the company, including pension investment strategy and insurance arrangements. She also has operational control of GSK’s much-publicised share buyback programme, which will see some £2-2.5bn returned to shareholders over the course of this year.

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