Five reasons why it pays to outsource your financial copywriting

We all know that daunting feeling of staring at a blank page. There is so much to say and yet it seems impossible to know where to start. But if writers find this difficult, then it can be truly terrifying for finance professionals. Words have a way of baffling even the brightest financial minds.

Fortunately, a good financial copywriter could be the answer to all your writing woes. Here are five reasons why:

1. Finance is your forte

If you’re a finance professional, finance is what you live and breathe. You earn money because you are good with money. So why waste valuable fee-earning time labouring over words when you can get someone else to do that for you instead? A copywriter will do it quicker and better than you can, freeing you up to get back to your figures.

2. You can’t write

The statistics speak for themselves. According to research by automated proofreader Grammarly, finance and management professionals make around 19.2 errors for every 100 words that they write. Writing is a job for the experts, so leave it to them.

3. You’re too busy

It takes time to master the art of writing. Professional writers have honed their craft by churning out thousands of words of copy over years, if not decades. Do you have that amount of time to invest in becoming a writer? Probably not, so why bother trying?

4. You’re susceptible to jargon

The financial sector loves jargon. Unfortunately readers don’t. But when you live and breathe a subject, it’s easy to assume that your readers share your knowledge and passion. They don’t and you will lose their attention if you believe that they do. A professional writer can help you to avoid falling into the jargon trap.

5. You need some new ideas

A fresh perspective is a powerful force. You might be surprised by how a financial copywriter can unlock the gems of knowledge that are lurking in the depths of your mind. They can help to bring out the insight that will impress your clients and may result in new business leads.


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