Escape to the country

Published in Economia

Moving out of London to live and work is becoming an increasingly attractive option. Sally Percy talks to finance professionals who have made the break

Long hours and stress can seem part of the job description for 21st century finance professionals. Workloads have grown even heavier during the economic downturn as companies run with lean finance teams and accountancy firms cut back.

In 2012, research by Communicate Recruitment Solutions found that 76% of mid to senior-level finance professionals work more than 60 hours a week. In London, that can be on top of a long commute for those who have already chosen to live outside the capital. So it’s no surprise that some finance professionals choose to turn their backs entirely on London, where the hours and pressures tend to be greatest, and opt to work out of town.

Often they are in search of a better quality of life and the chance to spend more time with their families, particularly if their children are still young. They may hope to get a bigger house for their money or even to buy land or a smallholding.

Forest walks, country pubs and barbecues on the beach may seem very appealing when your everyday reality is being squashed on a crowded London Underground carriage. But can you really make it work if your career so far has only consisted of working for a Big Four firm or a blue-chip company in the City?

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