Be the boss

Published in The Treasurer

What does it take for today’s treasurer to become tomorrow’s CFO? Sally Percy reports 

The CFO’s job might not be one that every treasurer hankers after, but it’s hard to deny the fact that a seat at the board table does have a certain allure. For starters, it comes with the thrill of helping to decide the organisation’s strategy and involvement in incredibly important decisions.

Then there is the prestige of heading a large finance function, the chance to liaise with investors and analysts, potentially eye-watering financial rewards and last, but maybe not least, being ensconced in a very comfortable corner office in the executive suite. And while making CFO would undoubtedly be many treasurers’ career highlight, it even comes with the added bonus that once they’ve had enough of it, they can look forward to supplementing their retirement with a string of lucrative non-executive positions.

All of this could be yours provided you are willing to accept the long hours, pressure, stress, reputational risk and team management headaches that come with being CFO. And it’s a move that many treasurers have successfully made over the years.

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